Tuesday, February 2, 2010

so all this time we have been calling her Elliana and her name is Diana. must sound like deeonna. Elliana laura was what I was going to call her. but her name isnt elliana! diana madeline? she can choose what to be called. I should really just make a list and let the girls pick if they want a new middle name or first name. Diana sage is another I like. Natasha is really natalia. natalia what I have no idea. natalia rosalie? natalia lucia? natasha emerson? natalia emerson? natalia lauren? natalia claire? natalia jolie? diana jolie? diana makenna? diana alice? diana grace or natalia grace?


  1. Oh, so change of plannes with the names? Well, i really really love Diana Madeline. I also like Natalia Lauren or Natalia Emerson. I know you didn't ask for suggestions but here are some that i like: Natalia Elaine, Natalia Gabrielle, Natalia Daphne.. Well, good luck with the names! I think it's a good idea to ask the girls what name would they like to have =)

  2. you must have missed the previous post where I asked for suggestions! I totally want suggestions! someone else might come up with a name I absolutely love but would never have thought of!



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