Thursday, February 11, 2010

the little boy

I showed the cute little boy to husband. I have planted the seed. he is concerned about the costs of 3 kids and their medications for this special need. he is guessing 5k a year per kid. I say well ok what else can we give up? we already dont eat out anymore. we could cancel the newspaper that no one reads. well he reads it but he could read it online just as easily. I am not renewing any of my magazines. I have boxes and boxes of junk to sell/get rid of. homeschool stuff to sell. whats another 5 thousand a year if it means this darling little boy IS HOME WITH A MAMA AND PAPA! While I love our girls, I am already committed to them. I know they have a Mama and Papa. I am their Mama. so I dont worry about them being "left behind." Not a lot of kids are adopted from Ptown. and kids with this special need I suspect would never be chosen by anyone in country and not a lot of people outside of the country are willing to take it on. there is still a lot of ignorance about it.


  1. Oh you should totally try to bring little boy home, or there will be too many girls in the house! ;) I hope you can do it, i don't know what their specials needs are, but maybe you can get some kind of help with the medications or whatever they need? maybe there is a program that helps people with this need?

  2. yes there is a program and we intend to use it. but eric just doesnt want one that young. we already know and love the girls. and the little boy is in the baby house and our girls arent. which means MORE $$$. I think we arent going to be able to bring home the litle boy. But I am already planning the things I can do with my girls! I will have 4 boys and 6 girls!



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