Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I am sitting here with my heart racing and tears in my eyes. we can start moving forward on our adoption of the girls.

Both girls have "special need" (I removed the name of the need)and have no other health issues at all.
They are very smart and talented.
They will be in this orphanage until August 29, 2010 only and are supposed to be transferred to the boarding school after that. I hope the Enbergs will be able to adopt them before that because according to the director they don't want to go to the boarding school and ask her all the time to keep them in the orphanage longer.

N has one sister who lives in the specialized orphanage and is a special needs child. I don't have any info on this child. We think we'll be able to get permission for separation of siblings for adoption of N. I don't think they know each other anyways.

I am happy to have news of them. except we are unsure about the name thing. we thought their names were natasha and elliana. but the info is about "natalia and diana" but it sounds like them. its a fairly small orphanage so I cant imagine there are too many little girls their age with their special need.

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