Sunday, April 4, 2010

a super de duper excitement and then a let down

YAY! I said! our state police clearance arrived! one more piece of the puzzle! wahoo! open it up and ???? they MISSPELLED OUR NAMES! even though the names are at the top of the letter as stationery. Even though I spelled each name to say here is the complete name you need to check. and yet? they spelled it wrong on BOTH of our letters. I am pretty sure that the country of choice doesnt care that the ENGBERG family has no criminal record. mostly because they(and we!) have no idea who they are! they want to hear that the ENBERG family has no criminial history. GR! how simple was it to READ THE LETTER and write down the name AS YOU SEE IT? apparently quite difficult. once again not reading the letter has resulted in screwed up results.

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