Monday, April 5, 2010

Adoption is in our hearts,

when someone calls and you need to make a note, where do you put it? On the fridge! now where is that magnet? I will give away a set of Ukraine magnets! If you donate to our adoption fund you will get your name in the drawing one time for each dollar. Help us save three young girls from a dark future in orphanages and ultimately being turned onto the streets at a young age with no way to support themselves. Young people turned out from the orphanages often turn to drugs and or prostitution. Now think of your child, or your neighbors child, or your niece or nephew or cousin. Would you want them on the streets on their own at age 16? would you want to see them prostituting themselves just to get enough money to eat? that is no life for a child! Help us save these girls from this life of hell that awaits them.

While we are not church going people, we do have big hearts and give regularly to community programs. We give our clothes to the local clothes closet for the needy. We give things we no longer need to the thrift shop that employs seniors. We donate the the community group that puts on christmas for kids and feeds lunch to anyone who shows up and gives the kids gifts and lets them meet with Santa for free. We have spent our savings on adopting two kids with special needs. We donate to the hospital foundation. We give to united way. We buy toys for the toys for tots program. We give and give and give. We are givers. You cant take it with you when you die. We are happy to help others. its what we love. But this time we need a little help. In order to bring home these three little girls whose future is grim we need to raise enough money to complete three international adoptions. We have saved over 15,000 so far from our tax returns and savings. Can you help us come up with the rest? is our address if you can help. Thank you for stopping in to learn about our girls.


  1. I added a little bit, it isnt much, but I hope it helps... you are doing so much

  2. Yes- we need to get those precious girls home! The chip in button isn't working for me? I'll try back later!

    Blessings on your journey!



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