Saturday, April 17, 2010


12-16-09 inquired about the girls

4-16-10 dossier complete!

came together so quickly! but this volcano thing is holding up our sending it off. 4 months from asking about them waiting for info, to having a sleepless night when we found there was a sibling, to deciding once and for all to take on that sibling even though her needs are not familiar to us, to homestudy meetings, to paperwork gathering,to passport ordering, to doctor visiting, to apostilling and WAHLAH! DING! DONE! AMAZING!


  1. Boy you are quick girl! I guess this time around is a little easier having adopting 2. How did you go about getting the girls? Were they with RR? Tom and I were thinking of getting a girl the second time around and I would love to go through the same orphanage. What is the name of the orphanage the kids are at in P-town? What kind of things should I bring for the staff?
    Thanks girl...It sounds like you will be getting there before us. We have fingerprinting on Tuesday and then I'm assuming another 2-3 weeks before the 171 form is sent. That stinks, it would have been nice to have another family there especially knowing what you are doing :(
    Look forward to hearing from you. Good luck with the dossier getting there with no troubles.

  2. we adopted from Russia before we adopted Sophie and Ben so we have a little bit of knowledge under our belt! and because it was still fresh in my mind I knew how things go so it was pretty easy to gather them. there are other kids from Ptown at RR that dont have downs syndrome, they are in other angels. I dont know the name, Nadia I think, if you do a search online you can find an old video of the place with some kids. I LOVE Ptown it feels like home, and I cant wait to be back there. I havent yet sent my dossier so maybe there is still hope for us to meet up! You might be surprised how fast they process your I600A. I have been....twice. and I am staying the ten days so we still might run into each other! our girls are kids we met there when we went for Ben and Sophie.

  3. That beats my 14 1/2 months since commitment day... and counting!

    Very happy for you though... wow! You will have a full house in a very short time! LOL Love it!



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