Thursday, April 15, 2010


Dossier COMPLETE! and apostilled! REAdy to send!


  1. Yay! you're getting closer to those beautiful girls!!

  2. How awesome! I know you are anxious to get back. :)

  3. i am very anxious. When I look out my window I see things as we drive and think "that looks just like ___that is next to____ in Ptown" and then I remember this is MN and not Ptown. I have really good memories of our time in Ptown. Russia not so much, I was scared to death the entire time. culture shock like crazy. missing my newborn baby at home. it was so different in SunnyK and Ptown. Astrakhan was a nice enough place but we didnt venture out much. we spent HOURS exploring sunnyK and Ptown. all this to say YES! I am anxious to get back. I think if my husband said you wanna move to Ptown I might say yes! (I dont think hes gonna say that! lol)



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