Friday, April 9, 2010


and yet......

I have 95% of my dossier put together. We of course still have to get the corrected BCA crime search but we will do that on Thursday when we go to apostille. Yesterday we signed a ton of docs at the notary but he messed one up. no big deal I made another, just need to get up there and sign it early next week. Today I got the medical forms and doctors license. In checking them over I found that oops someone crossed out a date. dangit now that entire form needs redoing. but I guess we are closer than last week right?

so I have to get Eric's medical form
My one passport copy
and BCA for both of us.

thats it. and then apostille. and SEND! can you believe I am talking about SENDING! yikes!! SCARY! this adoption has gone even faster than the last one, which was faster than the first! at this rate next time we adopt it will be lightning speed! lol. Still need to raise some more money. but hopefully will have a month or two more before we travel. Planning a garage sale but just have no tables. and no one who is willing to share theirs.

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