Tuesday, April 20, 2010

One precious baby girl

is fighting for her life. Please take a moment to think of her as she fights to stay alive and her family fights to understand this turn. http://allarepreciousinhissight.blogspot.com/

I hope and pray that one day it is not me on the other end of this kind of post. Knowing my girls have health problems and that people with arthrogryposis often do very poorly under anesthesia yet many surgeries loom ahead is very scary. Im willing to risk it, in order to love them as long as I can before they leave this world. but the pain is something I can not even fathom. I lost a pregnancy before I even had long to know the person growing within me. That was horrendous. I cant imagine what it is like to lose a child you had 6 months or a year or 10 years with. I just. cant. imaigne. so think of Chrissie and her family. leave kind words on their blog. pray if you pray. but please please hold this family in your heart and hope for one baby's life.

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