Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a letter to my girls(oh how I love to say my girls)

dear girls
Mama is missing you. So anxious to come see you again. Papa is thrilled to bring you home. Chrysta has been begging for you to come ever since we left each other. Ben and Sophie ask every day when you will come. Maia couldnt BE more thrilled to have more sisters. Ethan doesnt say much but he is like that. He is too absorbed in his own world. Thats just his way. You are so loved. we worry about you and think about you and worry for your health EVERY day. We wonder what you are doing. We are so anxious to hold you in our arms. We knew in October you were our daughters, our girls, but we just couldnt bring you home then. You can bet we didnt waste a single minute to get you once we got home and settled. If you see Vasiliy tell him we love him too. Though we have tried and tried we have been unable to get any information on adopting Vasiliy and will have to wait until we get there to find out more. but tell our Jacob Vasiliy he is in our hearts no matter what. We are hoping for the best. we love you all and look forward to spending our days together with you in the sunshine of Ptown. Seeyou soon.
Love, Mama

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