Saturday, May 22, 2010


ok we are flying united and lufthansa.
Leaving Minneapolis June 7 @ 1145am
to Denver. dumb yes but all we could get.
from Denver to Frankfurt where we will have
about 10 hours to see the city before hopping a plane
and getting into SunnyK about 2am on the 9th. I imagine
once we get to an apartment we will want to shower and sleeeeeeep
for about a week, but that will not be possible. We
have a very important appointment on the 10th!

Hope to see some of you in SunnyK.
A friendly face is great when you travel.


  1. We are coming the next week. Can I ask how much you got your tickets for? The prices have sky-rocked it appears!!


  2. We are flying out the 6th from Omaha to Chicago to Frankfort to Kyiv. Our appt. is at noon on the 10th. We paid $1750 each for our tickets. I will be coming home the 23rd of June and Toby will be staying and tentatively coming home July 9th. So...we will definitely see you there!! Soooo excited!!

  3. Sounds like you're doing the same weird Frankfurt layover we're doing (but we'll be doing it a week later, our apptmt is Jun 16). We get to Frankfurt at 9 AM, and don't leave until around 10 PM. So we've been getting tips from friends that live in Germany about what we can do in Frankfurt for the day.

    Best wishes as you get closer to your travel date!!

    Jenn in Georgia

  4. oh jenn tell me what you found out! we have no ties to frankfurt but will enjoy traveling there anyways. we had a great time at oktoberfest in munich last year when we had a long layover.

  5. Try here for frankin stuff:



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