Wednesday, May 12, 2010

still nothing

no word. wondering how to buy plane tickets for the kids not knowing who is coming? feeling sad that I havent heard anything yet and that no one seems to care enough to help out with the costs. people are happy to put their head in the sand and pretend life like these kids experience just doesnt exist. having adopted frsom two seperate Eastern European countries, I know that my girls are in a good place, but not a place that is better than a family. and they cant stay there forever. they are already scheduled to be moved. My beauties will become targets where they are headed,no doubt. but once they age out, their future is just as grim. no training, no family, no money, no help. so how you gonna get a job? oops you cant because you are different so no one will hire you, you dont have any references anyways since you dont know anyone who can vouch for you. how you gonna eat? oops you cant because you cant make any money. who is going to help you? oops no one. so you turn to prostitution to make enough money to eat. you turn to drugs to numb the pain.


you could be adopted by a family who will love you, educate you, help you, take care of you and make sure your needs are met. You could grow up in a country that accepts your differences and lets you be you. you could grow up and go to college and be just about anything you want to be. you could get married and have babies and live a nice life. you could know love, you could learn to trust, to build relationships. you could have a FUTURE here.

which would you choose for a child? I know I cant turn my back on the destitution these kids face.


  1. Hi, I found your site from a link on Smiles and Trials. I know how you feel about people not understanding adoption and what it actually does for those kids lives. I feel as though I am constantly trying to defend mine and my husbands decision to adopt our 10 yr old daughter from Kazakhstan instead of from here in Canada. They just don't get it. I sure hope your fundraising goes well, we are helping another family in their adoption through Ethiopia. Have you thought about contacting you local papers or having an information night about adoption?

  2. thanks for your idea. I have considered but local small town is very cliquish and guess what? we arent part of it! and we probably make mroe than most people around here so they see us as rich so not likely to help. maybe the paper from the big city..... nice to meet you.



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