Monday, May 10, 2010

missing you, my girls. we put up one set of beds yesterday. you will love them. they are so pretty. and I cant wait to get girly comforters to put on them. I cant decide between pink or blue or two pink and two blue.

I keep waiting to hear something. I havent heard anything yet. but I keep hoping. I hope Jacob will come home with us. I think he would be so much fun to have around. I know you girls love him too. Benjamin is anxiously waiting for you. Sophie asks me every day when you will come. I thought I had you girls all named but not so sure now. maybe you wont like the names I picked out. then again no one ever does like their own name it seems. We wont be changing your first names Natasha and Diana, but Vika will be Molly Victoria. I just cant decide on middle names for you big girls. I am hoping to come see you soon. know we think of you so often. so many times during the day your names pop up. we miss you. we love you. seeyou soon.
Love, mama


  1. Wow, You are so close! I can't wait for you to go get those girls. Claudia says hi.

  2. lol jenny I didnt realise that "jenny" was YOU jenny. hi Claudia!! I am so excited to see them again!!



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