Monday, August 9, 2010


Sprung the kids on Friday. they are with me in SunnyK. in a hot little apartment with lousy air no laundry and nonworking internet. this is hijacked internet that I am posting on. Andre is so dang cute. But he shuns me most of the time. Jaeger is this big strapping boy who whines and cries like a baby when he doesnt get what he wants. Natasha and Diana are very helpful and mostly well behaved. a little sisterly bickering but not much more. Diana likes to hit though when she is mad. and there is no tp to be found which sucks. but otherwise we are all fine. they loved the zoo yesterday. shower lessons have begun. they are doing ok with that. well better go before the kids tear down the house. and natasha wants me to shower so she can braid my hair.


  1. So wonderful to hear you are with them now! Cant wait to hear you have all arrived home safely. :)

  2. deb YOu cant wait? man I cant wait! I am DYING to be home! back in my life! in my big house with my big yard and my OWN BED!!! hoping to be home within a week.

  3. send us the dates so we can meet you at the airport.



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