Tuesday, August 3, 2010

ps its hot here

how hot is it?

I took a shower and used up all the cold water.


seriously I took a 20 min shower in all cold water. it was starting to feel warm when I was done.


  1. We are glad you are safe. Eric was worried about you guys I was to because you havent updated the blog. I hope things are going good for you guys. Have you guys seen the kidos yet if not when will you?? The kids and I miss you like tons!!!! The kids keep asking if you and cody are coming home tomorrow because they want you to hurry up and get the kids home so that they can meet them other then Ben. Ethan has coughed up an additude missing you. have to go watch the kids. Love you Momma and LOVE YOU CODY!!! Love Chrysta and the Kids and Eric

  2. Saw the kids today. At least the boys and Eric. Showed them an eagle I had to get to the Raptor Center. They looked fine. No Chrysta and the girls were napping. Stay kewl. It will be all over shortly and if you are still not insane, life will improve.

  3. Sorry it is so hot! Hopefully you will be home w/the kids soon :)

  4. a little a/c would go a long ways right now. or a dip in the pool....



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