Thursday, August 12, 2010


I woke up and got a phone call at about 9:10am saying she would meet me at the embassy with my documents. I said WHAT? no one told me I had an appointment. she said yes you have an appointment at 10. so I had to call yulia and find out how I am supposed to get there. so she called me a cab. I went there filled out a billion papers in addition to the papers I brought from home. but the papers that the lady gave me didnt include the birth certs! or visa photos! didnt anyone know that they would want visa photos? they want all of this today. original new birth certs copies and translations. why didnt they include that to begin with in the papers they gave me! also I dont actuallly HAVE the passports IN HAND. they are to be recieved today. so I had Yulia get me a cab home again as I knew there was little water. I got home to find that the girls had gone out with their friend. Cody told them it was ok. but now I dont know what time we need to go to get visa photos and whatever else I need and deliver to embassy. they only work until 1230 tomorrow! UGH! and the girls are gone and I dont know what time they will return. really they should have waited for me to return. I wouldnt have minded them visiting here. but now I am down two kids and dont know when the appt is that they will be needed for. hope they return soon! If I cant get visas finished tomorrow we cant go home this weekend. I do not want to stay here until next week! our original flight is Tuesday. thats FIVE DAYS AWAY!!


  1. How frustrating!!! I don't understand how it is that those things weren't done?!?! You do have a new BC, right? Just not the translation? Who is the friend that the two girls went out you know people there?

    Will pray for you.


  2. i dont have anything. the team has it all. we went and dropped them off and visa photos. only need medical and actual passports. Niko has passports in hand. medical early tomorrow morning. then to embassy again. it was a friend of the girls. yes I know a couple people here. I met them in Ptown. they have known the kids for a long time.



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