Wednesday, August 11, 2010

passports should be done today and hope for visa appt later this afternoon. medical and visa pick up tomorrow. if all works out we could come home this weekend. sunday has flight available. waiting to hear that passports are DONE and then I will make ticket changes. Andre is making big progress. this morning he woke to potty and then came and plunked himself into bed with me and curled up and tried to sleep some more. he didnt sleep but was very sweet. he spilled his water and didnt say a word and just got a towel and wiped it up. I caught him though and praised him. he has gotten SO MUCH negative feedback he doesnt even hear his name when you call him. He likes to be called JONATHON. Natasha wants me to call her Jordan. I tried to explain to her that Jordan is her middle name, she has TWO names and Natasha is such a beautiful name. but she says NO NATASHA! JORDAN! I still call her Natasha. she hasnt said anything about it. Diana and Jaeger like to test me in regards to eating in the living room. I could let them eat all over but that wouldnt be fair to them because at home we dont do that. I gave them some cereal this morning and am going to go buy some water and milk and bananas and make some scrambled eggs. dont know if they will eat them though. I throw more food away here than ever before. they want to eat. I cook. I serve. they take one bite and walk away. gosh I want to go home! they dont like my mac and cheese much either. andre wanted noodles so I made noodles. even he wouldnt eat them. he is very fickle with eating. what he eats today he may not like tomorrow. he smells everything first. if it doesnt pass the smell test he wont eat it. well I better go to the store since its still early and I dont know when our passports will be done.

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