Thursday, January 28, 2010

sorry little madeline

we just cant leave the big girls that we already know and spent so much time with. we think of them in everything we do. we have thought of them every day since we left them. that has to mean something. we cant leave them. Which means we must leave madeline behind as she is in a different region. so PLEASE someone go get madeline and make her your own!

so now I am working and preparing for and thinking about the girls. working hard at getting the basement back together. once that is done we can get stuff out of the living room back into the family room making the upstairs more open and less cluttered as well as the boys room. then there is my room. ugh. always a disaster. I have my stuff, erics stuff, sophies stuff(she sleeps in there) my craft stuff, the tv and entertainment center, my night stand piled high with stuff my dresser piled with stuff. Got most of the family room cleaned up and cleaned out today. now as soon as we get the girls room finished all that crap goes back in there.

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