Tuesday, January 26, 2010

my goofy reply to a roll call

I am Tam(Tam I am)
Married to Eric
I stay at home
he's a doc at the clinic.

His Hers and Ours
thats how things are
We came together
we know we can go far.

Josh and Danielle
came with him
Now off to college
sink or swim.

Cody 15, Chrysta 13,
brought with me
real good kids
who love our family.

Ethan is 7
from Russia with Love
Maia is 5
a gift from above.

Ben is just 6
Sophie is 4
they lived in Ukraine
but not anymore.

Natasha and Elliana
we hope will join us
from Ukraine,
but these are the things you can not explain.

Nice to meet you
I wont recall your name
some days you know
I just try to stay sane!

this is my own goofy attempt
to help you remember
who we are
where we went.

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