Thursday, January 21, 2010

feeling a little more at peace

thinking of leaving our girls there knowing what kids with their medical issues face, after we have already met them and loved them, is just too crushing for us. We watched them blossom before our very eyes when we were there getting Ben. and all the kids are on board to bring them home. unfortunately Madeline is nowhere near them. we really have to get our girls. maybe Eric will consider a third. and we could travel blind for that one. I think when everyone goes off to school next year Sophie is going to be VERY lonely and a little one for her to play with would be nice. Ben and Maia are her best buddies right now and they go to Kindergarten next year. So wont someone please bring home beautiful madeline from she has the most darling smile. she needs a mama! someone go get that angel PLEASE!


  1. Hi! Boy was I surprised about finding this blog (through the Reed blog). Good for you guys. I can't believe it and I'm so excited for you. Having a 2 and 3 yr. old is pretty hectic and Mike doesn't think we can go back now but would definately love to in the future!! As for Madeline.... is she the one on RR Other Angels. If so I have told Mike that I want that little girl. The least I can do is advocate and pray for her. What was she like when you met her so I can tell people??
    Martha (Laurel's Mama)

  2. I am so excited for you!! I have talked to my husband about adoption and he isn't ready yet. We are working on buying this home from my dad (thanks for your comment by the way) this Summer. We are going to fix it up and sell it so we can get a bigger house. We've always talked about adoption.



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