Friday, January 22, 2010


ok so I am a girl and a girl who loves words so I couldnt help myself. we are not planning to change their name only to lose the patronymic and give them an American middle name of our choosing. if THEY should choose to be called that name that would be fine, but if not then we will continue to call them what they have always been called and thats AOK too. so I am thinking Natasha Jordan and Elliana Laura. subject to change in the next ten seconds or any time thereafter lol. I also like Natasha Kate but I have Maia catherine who I call maia katie.

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  1. Hey!! So excited about all of this and the names are beautiful. Question about Madeline. Did you all actually meet her?? If so, what did you think. How severe are her needs? I would LOVE to go for her b/c I have always been drawn to that little thing from day one but don't think it'll be able to happen for us right now but.. I would LOVE to do some advocating for her to some people. Just getting all the info I can about her if you have any to share.

    Martha (adopted Laurel)



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